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Corporate Banking

At Primus Bank, we offer corporates a wide range of products and services, the technologies to leverage them anytime, anywhere and the expertise to customize them to client-specific requirements.

From cash management to corporate finance, from forex to acquisition financing, we provide you with end-to-end services for all your banking needs. The result is an overall financial solution for your company that helps you accomplish your objectives.

Primus Bank can guide you through the universe of strategic alternatives - from identifying potential merger or acquisition targets to realigning your business' capital structure.

  • Primus Bank has been the foremost arrangers of acquisition finance for cross border transactions and is the preferred financer for acquisitions by Indian companies in overseas markets.

  • The Bank has also developed Forex risk hedging products for clients after comprehensive research of the risks a corporate body is exposed to, e.g., Interest Rate, Forex, Commodity, Credit Risk, etc.

  • We offer you global services through our correspondent banking relationship with 950 foreign banks and maintain a NOSTRO account in 19 currencies to service you better and have strong ties with our neighboring countries

  • Primus Bank is the leading collecting bankers to Public & Private Placement/ Mutual Funds/ Capital Gains Bonds issues. Besides, we have products specially designed for the financial intermediaries to meet their unique requirements

  • We support your international business by meeting working capital requirements of export and import financing. We also have a host of non-funded services for our clients.

  • Whatever your industry, size or financial requirements, Primus Bank has the expertise and the solutions to partner you all the way.
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