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Internet FAQ'S

I have forgotten/ not received my User ID and Password, how can I obtain them?
If you have forgotten your Internet Banking User ID or have not yet received it, please call our 24 Hour Customer Care Centre to get the same. All you will need to do is authenticate yourself and ask for your User Id. You can also request for a new password if you have forgotten the same. The password would be couriered to you on your address available with the bank. Your passwords cannot be given on telephone for security reasons.

2. I do not have an Internet Banking User ID, how can I obtain one?
Normally all Primus Bank customers have an Internet Banking account. The User ID of the same may not have reached you. You can check with our 24 Hour Customer Care Centre if your account is generated.
If your account has not been generated you can obtain an Internet Banking User ID in any of the following ways:

1. Online registration for Primus Bank Internet Banking User ID.

2. Downloading and filling a registration form for Primus Bank Internet Banking User ID.

Online registration for Primus Bank Internet Banking User ID

Please follow the steps below:

Step 1

Visit www.Primusbank.com. Click on `New users register here'. Then click on the option 'Apply Online'. You will see Part A of the registration form. Fill it giving your preferred User ID, My Code and confirm My Code. You will then see the next part of the form. Please fill your personal details and your relationships with Primus Bank. On successfully filling up this form you will see a screen. The top of the screen will show you your User ID. This screen will also request you to download Part B of the form, fill it up and send it to us at the following address: Primus Bank Limited Internet Banking Department

Alternatively, you can fax us a scanned copy of this form on 022-24975295. On receipt of Part B of the form we will process your request for online access of passwords. Please note the passwords will appear as mentioned below, only if Part B has been filled completely and correctly with your signature. You can then access your passwords online by clicking on Anywhere Banking on the welcome page of www.Primusbank.com. and then on Internet Banking. Once you do so, on the top of the page, you will see a tab `Check application status'.

On clicking the tab mentioned above, you will see a screen, which will prompt you to input your User ID and My Code (Temporary password) and click 'Submit' to view your passwords.

Step 2

Login with your password. The system will then prompt you to change the login and the transaction password to the one of your choice. Following are some handy tips while setting passwords:
1. Passwords are case sensitive ( b is different from B)

2. Login & transaction passwords can be the same.

3. Please be careful while entering your passwords as entering wrong passwords more than 4 times consecutively, will disable the User ID. After changing your password successfully, please login with the new password in future.

4. Downloading and filling a registration form for Primus Bank Internet Banking User ID
You can download the registration form from the website, fill it and drop it at any Primus Bank branch/ATM drop box. Care must be taken to fill the mandatory fields carefully otherwise the request will not be accepted. Click here to download registration form.

3. How many passwords do I have for Internet Banking?
There are two passwords, one for logging-in to PrimusBank.com and another for transacting on PrimusBank.com.

Login Password - A login password as the name suggests is required for logging in to Primus Bank.com Transaction Password - A transaction password is required whenever you are entering into any transactions on Primus Bank.com. It is also required for making most of the online requests. Please note that both login password and transaction password can be the same.

4. Can I have only one User ID for all Primus Bank relationships?
Yes, you can link all your Primus Bank accounts and Credit Cards and Demat Accounts to one Internet Banking User ID. However there are certain rules in account where there is a joint holding.

5. What are the Primus relationships that I can view/enable online?
Currently you can enable the following Primus Bank relationships online:

  • Bank a/c (including Current A/c for individuals)
  • Credit card
  • Demat

If you have more than one bank account or other products, you can link all of them to one Internet Banking User ID.

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