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Fixed Deposits

Safety, Flexibility, Liquidity and Returns!!!! A combination of unbeatable features of the Fixed Deposit from Primus Bank.

Primus Bank offers wide variety of Deposit Products to suit your requirements. Coupled with convenience of networked branches/ ATMs and facility of E-channels like Internet and Mobile Banking, Primus Bank brings banking at your doorstep. Select any of our deposit products and provide your details online and our representative will contact you for Account Opening.

Recurring Deposits
When expenses are high, you may not have adequate funds to make big investments. But simply going ahead without saving for the future is not an option for you. Through Primus Bank Recurring Deposit you can invest small amounts of money every month that ends up with a large saving on maturity. So you enjoy twin advantages- affordability and higher earnings.

5years Tax Saving Fixed Deposit
Fixed Deposits at one time were the most popular investment avenue. However with the changing market scenario-booming financial markets, FDs lost their sheen.

However today they have once again become attractive!! In 2006, it was announced for the first time that Bank fixed deposits booked by an individual/HUF for 5 years & upto £ 10,000/- will be allowed exemption under Sec 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961 subject to necessary declarations taken from the Customer.

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